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I was born in Haifa, Israel.
As long as I can remember, I was attracted to art. All through my adult life, I have engaged in arts, crafts and sculpture both in work and as hobbies.
I graduated with a B.A. in Art from Haifa University.
I specialized in sculpture and use of material through various post-graduate studies.

Today, besides sculpting, I teach art and combined techniques of ceramic sculpting.
My work centers today on women and femininity. The female body possesses beauty and complexity that captivates my imagination artistically. I find the contact between cloth and body and its connecting motions with the surroundings to be artistically challenging.

I sculpt without models from inner motivations. My models are stylized from inspirations that I get from various people that I meet. To a great extent, every sculpture exemplifies my emotions at the time of its creation.

I sculpt in clay using distinctive methods, kiln them at high temperature and finally, mold them in bronze.
My work is in display at well known galleries and with private collectors.
The sculptures are made of bronze, ceramics and stone.

Major Exhibitions

1994 – 1995 Collective exhibition Kiryat Ono Arts Center
1995 Collective exhibition “Bet Broida” Savyon
1999 Collective exhibition “Yad veHomer” Haifa
2001 Solo exhibition “Amalia Arbel” Tel Aviv
2002 Collective exhibition Rotary Savion
2003 Collective exhibition “Mercaz haBama” Tel Aviv
2004 Exhibition Dan Panorama Hotel Tel Aviv
2005 Collective exhibition "Thomas Lemay" Gallery Bethlehem haGlalit
        Collective exhibition "Dekel Gallery" Sheraton Hotel Eilat
2006/7 - Exhibition "Dekel Gallery" Sheraton Hotel Eilat
2007 - Solo exhibition “Heichal- Rishon le Zion”
2007 - Collective exhibition- "Dekel Gallery" Sheraton Hotel Eilat

Your opinion of my sculpting is very important to me. I would be happy if you would write to me and briefly relate your impressions. Also, if you have any questions about my methods work or molding, I will gladly answer them.
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